Thursday, August 13, 2015


Something I've been thinking a lot about lately is struggles. I often go through struggles, as does everyone else, but I usually let them get me down. Not just depressed, I struggle with depression too, just low on myself. I've frequently been hard on myself, my body, my sense of style, my hair, and other physical attributes, and even harder on my personality. I never get enough done in a day, I take too long to make decisions, I lose patience with my kids or husband, I am awkward around others, I'm an emotional spender,etc.
(Within the first year of my marriage vs. today. Which picture looks happier?)

Since I've been working on myself and coaching, I have gained so much confidence. I am not perfect, I still have slinky skin on my stomach, I have stretch marks in places I didn't know people got stretch marks, I still have weight to lose, but I FEEL GREAT! Even more importantly, I'm learning to love myself the way that I love others. I've always thought the best of others, and have seen their worth even when they can't. Many times in my life, I've been amazed at how people don't see how beautiful, smart, kind, strong, talented, and on and on they are. I needed to start being as loving to myself.

I think a lot of people are like that, too. It's easy to be hard on yourself, to look in the mirror and only see the negatives. How much harder is it to look in the mirror and see all of the good things about yourself? I know it's easier said then done, but try it. Try it RIGHT NOW. Go look in the mirror and point out 5 good things about your physical features. And then 5 good attributes or talents you have. I know I sound crazy, but negativity creates more negativity. So what does thinking more positive do?It creates more positive thoughts! Could you use more positive thoughts? EVERYONE could.

Another thought that I've had lately, is to be appreciative of what God gave me. Would he want me to be down on myself? No. I may not be perfect, but he didn't make any flaws when he made me. He made me just the way I was supposed to be made. Does God want you to hate your body? NO!

We are worthy of so much more than we give ourselves. Many times when I talk to people about this program, they feel guilty spending the money on themselves. If your child needed something to feel better about themselves, to love themselves more and gain confidence, would you buy it for them? It sounds silly that way, but what I'm trying to get at is that I wish more people could see that they ARE worthy and deserving of doing something like this for themselves. They are worthy of taking 30 minutes a day to workout and gain those awesome endorphins. They are worthy of healthy food for fuel. They are worthy of feeling better about themselves.

What I can give people is so much more than diet and exercise. But even more, is what you can give yourself.

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