Free Clean Eating Challenge

I've decided that I've gotten so much interest in my free clean eating challenges, that I'm going to start holding them monthly! I am usually more busy the beginning of the month, so the last week of each month I will have a 5 day clean eating challenge group, open to anyone who is interested.

You'll get a grocery list, meal plan, and recipes. You'll get accountability from the group. You'll have me, checking in and keeping you on track. I'll be sharing tips and knowledge I've learned. We will have prizes, and a chance to win some free Shakeology samples. You can invite your friends and have them do it with you, and meet new friends, too. I still talk to several of the girls I met in my first group regularly! I started this health journey from a free 5 day clean eating challenge similar to the ones I will run, and think that they are great tools to get people started into a healthier life.

If you're interested in joining the next group, message me for dates and an invite, or Follow me on Facebook, I'll be sure to share the dates there.

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