Monday, August 10, 2015


Kailin, a mom of a beautiful little girl, agreed to let me share her story today. She is one of the contestants for a bikini competition for Beachbody, and I saw her on the Beachbody home page the other day and thought, wow! She has completely transformed physically, I'd love to hear her story. Something that I'm learning lately is that the transformation is never just physical, it's also emotional, it can be spiritual, and it takes a mental change.
Kailin is also a very kind person. She was very quick to agree to letting me use her video and share her story. She was helpful with all my questions, and sweet to encourage me on my journey. She's also had a c-section (you can't even tell!). The first thing I thought when watching her video I'm about to share is how amazing she was for taking such a difficult, heart breaking situation, and making the most of it. She turned things around and mad changes for HER. I'll let you see for yourself!
I love that she shows some of her workouts with her daughter, it shows that you really can't make them your excuse, because you can do the work with them. She's such a great example to that little girl!

We all have a story, we all have things holding us back. I love the Beachbody community, the strength and support that I have felt from everyone I've talked to. If you feel like you can't get through it alone, there's so many people willing to help you and guide you. Thank you so much Kailin for sharing your story with us, and being such an inspiration!

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