Ultimate Reset

I am so excited to share my results from the Ultimate Reset with you. When I first heard about a 21 day cleanse/detox program, I immediately said heck no! The 3 day Reset was enough for me, and I really didn't want to even do that again. But then, slowly, I changed my tune. I watched some of my friends post all of the delicious food they were eating, and I wanted to join them! It all looked so yummy and fresh. AND THEN I saw their results! I was like DANG! I gotta get on this! So I did.

I made my Facebook and Instagram a journal of the journey. I was completely transparent on those platforms. There were a few hard days where I thought there was no way I was going to make it 21 days. I did cheat a few times my first week, one of them being Memorial Day when we had a family BBQ and I didn't come prepared and had to eat their food, and then later we had caramel popcorn and I'm weak! Slowly, I got stronger and the temptations became well, less tempting. My food was so good, and I got so much of it. The program comes with recipes, and I loved everything I tried, minus one or two things. I felt like I was eating like a queen. It was amazing trying new things because I am very guilty of sticking to the foods I know I like. I have fallen in love with cucumbers and red peppers, two foods I've hated my whole life. Here are some pictures of the delicious meals I had:

Looks delicious huh!? Even better was how the food made me FEEL. I have struggled with emotional eating for a long time, but this helped me gain control again. I had more energy. My constant stomach aches went away.

Now another aspect that held me back from starting for a while, you can't workout for the 21 days. I know for some this is a plus. For me, though, working out is my anti depressant. I get out a lot of frustration and anxiety when I work out. I feel so much better after I work out. I gave it a shot though, and I didn't need my workouts during this time. I did go on a few short walks if I had an anxiety, I really didn't have much though. I also did light yoga a few nights before bed to help me sleep better.

Sleep is a whole different topic! I slept so much better during these 21 days. I had no idea what I ate affected my sleep so much. I also didn't have to set an alarm to wake up early and workout. I got to sleep in every day with my kids. It was wonderful!

There were a few down sides, like pills you have to take before meals that help your body absorb more nutrients and a power greens drink that had a ton of green veggies powdered and you mix it with water. It was nasty, so I chugged that! But those were the only two things that I didn't like about the whole 21 days. Once I saw the results start to happen, it was worth it!

Now for my results. I will say I felt like I lost more than I look like I lost. I was on my period the last week so I think I had some residual bloat when I took my after pictures. But I'm still amazed at the changes that occurred. I lost 13.1 pounds and 11 1/2 inches, mostly all in my upper body. I'm sure if I had timed it better and not had Aunt Flo visiting, it would have been even more. Getting my binge eating and sugar addiction kicked to the curb was also an awesome result. I am so glad that I gave this a shot.

If you'd like to try the Ultimate Reset, you can find it here. I'm also open to running a challenge group JUST for the Ultimate Reset, so contact me if you're interested in joining a group for added support. If you're not ready to commit to 21 days, check out what I thought about the 3 Day Refresh.

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