Monday, August 17, 2015


Daniela was a little hesitant to write out her story for me, she hasn't shared her progress with very many people, yet. She was sweet and said that I could share her picture, and answered a few questions for me, so I'll try to tell it for her! Something that really inspired me about Daniela is that she's had two c-sections, and she looks fabulous! She has a 10 year old and a 2 year old, and you would have never guessed she'd had any kids when looking at her tummy! She seriously has my goal stomach, because my one c-section has been an excuse for having a flabby tummy for WAY too long!

How'd she get to where she's at? She's done P90X, Brazilian Butt lift, 21 Day Fix, and is just starting her 3rd round of 21 Day Fix Extreme. She got involved with Beachbody after seeing an infomercial with Tony Horton for P90X 5 years ago. Tony was her first Beachbody love, but now she loves all of the programs that she owns. Her biggest struggle was making exercise a habit. Her advice to you all is, "Just keep going, believe in yourself, and it's hard as hell but it will be worth it."
Some of Daniela's gains!

I'm actually really grateful I got to chat with her today. As a coach, I have to just keep going because people are watching me and I can't let them down. But for myself, I struggle with sticking to the program. I want to be lazy and take a day off, or eat what I want. Missing one workout isn't going to ruin all my hard work. One cheat meal isn't going to make me fat. Missing one workout COULD throw me into a spiral of missing workouts, though. And when is it really just one cheat meal? As soon as we make an excuse, it's easier to make those decisions. It might be hard to start a habit, but once it becomes a habit, stick with it! And you'll get amazing results, just like Daniela has!

Thank you Daniela for sharing a little about your journey with us today!

Did Daniela's story inspire you? Let me know!

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