Monday, July 27, 2015


Today's Motivational Monday is Juli. I saw her before and after on a 21 Day Fix support group I follow, and I felt like I just needed to know more about her. This beautiful mother of two did a 360, and completely changed her life around while working a full time job. She made a healthier future for herself and for her children. Here's her amazing story:

On June 18th 2014...I woke up...weighing 283 pounds...dragging my weighted body around and suffering strength. self confidence. That day...was the turn of my life...I decided it was was my time to get life back and live it better for my kids. Immediately I pulled all resources...all friends who I knew would help me steer me to a healthier life. I chose to count calories immediately. Downloaded an app and start my journey. I didn't know what to do...all I did know...was that I was about to give my all and conquer a life long battle. The weight slowly dripped from my body. I joined a 21 day Challenge through Beachbody...I made friends...I made a support team...I started doing the weight came off...I decided to try Combat and see how I did with kickboxing. The Beachbody workouts were something I could do while still maintaining my busy schedule. Then one day...I weighed and I saw the number...199.9...I cried...I screamed...I realized...I was in fact getting life back. I don't remember being under 200 pounds. I was at 221 the day I started 9th grade. I can't tell you how much joy I much farther could I go? I didn't know...I just knew I had determination and motivation on my side. I had started helping people lose weight. I became a person people could trust because I fought the battle...Lucky for me...I had made friend's month before with a coach who then showed me the maintain and finish conquering my goals...I started the 21 day fix plan and started drinking shakeology. Wow...I had already adapted the healthy meals..but it was not balanced. The 21 day plan showed me how to balance my life. Before I knew it...I had lost over 110 pounds. I had gone from a size 24 to a size children see mom as being fit and healthy. My life is in control...I have confidence. Yes...I wake up daily and still see the big girl. ..I knew her for 31's hard to see myself different. But the clothes don't lie. The scales don't lie. My health doesn't lie. I was about to be diabetic...I saved myself. I saved myself from being obese for forever. I did this. Now one did it for me. I woke up. Said I was ready and did it. Daily we all fight battles...daily we all say we shoulda, coulda, woulda..but...I realized....I'm a strong woman...I did the unthinkable. ...I decided it was my time....who better to realize a destructive life and make it a beautiful one other then myself. I can breath now...I can smile now...I am not finished with this battle. It will be lifelong. However...I am determined to seek my goals. I have one thing going for

Juli, you are truly an inspiration! There are so many people who don't think they can do it. You are proof that the first step is to just make the decision to change! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

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