Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday Tips

It's THIRSTY THURSDAY! I'm kidding, I think that has to do with alcohol? I don't know, I am guessing. But, it is Thursday. And thanks to all this mouth breathing I've been doing, because of a cold, I'm thirsty alllllll the time.

So my tip for this Thursday has to do with water! Do you know how important water is for your body? I'm a nursing mom, so I see directly what it does for my body, and what not drinking enough does for my body. It's pretty quick how I can dry up if I don't get enough water. Before becoming a mom and nursing, I never realized how important water was, and the benefits of drinking enough water.

There's been a lot of hype about drinking a gallon of water a day on social media lately. I strongly believe in a gallon a day! I've been doing it for years! And lets just say, people think I'm 16 and I'm there's something to this gallon a day thing.

Here's some other benefits to drinking water:

1. It's less calories than anything else you could drink! DUH. And please don't tell me you don't drink anything all day. That's gross. And your pee must stink. (Sorry, I'm a mom and deal with pee all day.)

2. Drinking plenty of water helps keep you regular, and as stated above, I deal with this a lot. Like A LOT! My son had a hard time going the other day, and gripped on to me and screamed as he pushed. It was the saddest thing. I've been giving him water all day, and he hasn't had a problem since! (Okay, sorry, no more potty talk!)

3. Water helps your body stay energized. When your muscles are hydrated they can perform better. When they aren't hydrated, they shrivel and you become fatigued.

4. Water helps with the bloat. I don't care if you're on your period, ate something funny, whatever. Chug some water. It always helps me get rid of the bloating!

What can you do to increase your water? Try drinking 32 ounces before 10! I challenge myself to do this everyday! I don't always succeed. But I see a huge difference when I do. Drink at least 16 ounces an hour before you workout, and drink 16 ounces when you complete your workout. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. We refill our plastic water bottles and keep them in the fridge for a quick grab before heading out the door. Buy a water bottle you love, and refill it throughout the day.

I just got a new water bottle! It's one of those infused water bottles, so I can add fruit to my water. It's awesome! So far, I've tried lemon, lemon and strawberries, lemon and blueberries, strawberries with lime, and a mix of berries. Google recipes, there's so many different options! Plus, they're cute. Win-win!
My new water bottle from Amazon!

Have you got your gallon in today? Better get drinking!

What'd you think of this tip? Want to see more health tips and tricks on Thursdays? Let me know!

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