Wednesday, July 15, 2015


So I just ate a whole pizza for lunch. By myself. Do I feel guilty? NOPE! Because it was 21 Day Fix approved! Well mostly...

I kept seeing all these people make pizza with these tortillas, and I thought that was a little too weird for me. I don't want pizza that bad. Until I really wanted pizza. Then it didn't sound so crazy. Someone told me about these Flat Out wraps for sandwiches, but you can use them for pizza too. I headed straight to the store, and bought all the fixings for my pizza!  -Yeah right, I have two little kids. It was three different trips to the grocery store looking for all the things I needed, and I was keeping kids from pulling hair, throwing tantrums in the grocery store, and just trying to get my dang ingredients!

Anyway, I can say, I'm pleasantly satisfied. It was good, and I don't feel guilty, that's ALWAYS a plus.

There's so many ways you can make them too! A package comes with 6 wraps, I didn't use much sauce, and with all the clean foods you can have, there are so many options!

Today, I chose to have a pizza similar to a favorite pizza place by us, Stick+Stone. I have no idea what the pizza is called, but it has fresh mozzarella, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, and mushrooms. I'm probably forgetting things, but those are the important ingredients. I don't love mushrooms though, so I left those out.
 I found these wraps at Winco, over by the cheeses and meats on a display. They're probably the smartest thing invented. And okay, my pizza sauce isn't really clean, but it's all about that 80/20 right?

I lined my cookie sheet with foil, because I'm lazy and don't want to scrub it, and I would suggest lightly spraying it with olive oil as well. Add a wrap to your cookie sheet, bake for 2 minutes at 375, and then remove from the oven. Add your toppings, bake for another 5-ish minutes (online it says to bake for 4 minutes or until the cheese is melted, but I like mine a little crispier then it came out). Voila! You've got yourself a yummy pizza!
The wrap is 1 yellow, I used 1/8 of green for the pizza sauce (no added sugars, although I would suggest buying organic), 3/4 blue of mozzarella, 1 orange of olives, and about 1/4 green of artichoke hearts. I'd also count a teaspoon for the oil!  
Other ideas I had for toppings are peppers, spinach (would be really good with mozzarella!), BBQ chicken, buffalo chicken, pineapple, onions, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, eggplant, sardines, ham, avocado,  ground turkey for a taco pizza, and veggie pizza. Let me know what you think, and what kind of pizza you create!

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