Monday, July 20, 2015

Meal Planning

Meal planning is an EXTREMELY important key to succeeding in 21 Day Fix, as well as with saving money. I spent a little time making an example of a meal plan, I didn't add in all the teaspoons I would use, and if there isn't enough greens, it's because at certain times I use 2 green containers for salad.

This is just an example of a meal plan I would follow. I try to use up all that I make, so I have left overs. By doing this, I've found it's so much easier to stick to the program, and I've prevented wasting food by only buying what I know I'll use. When I'm at the store, I buy only what's on my list, and that helps with not buying treats and stuff we don't need. This week I'm trying to be really strict, so I am not doing treat swaps, so my usual weeks look a little different than this, but on regular weeks, I even plan those out. That helps with not cheating all the time, I know I'll have a treat on a certain day, and I can fake a will power! You won't see any shakes on my grocery list, because I use Shakeology , my healthiest meal, everyday.

Tricks I use while meal planning is starting with one category (protein, vegetables, etc) and working my way through the whole day, then week, and then add it to the grocery list. Then start with the next category, until I'm done. Color coding always helps! I save my meal plan in excel, and rotate between meal plans, so I can be a little lazy!

Did this inspire you to meal plan? What would you do differently? Let me know!

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