Tuesday, July 14, 2015


 Why did I become a coach?

To be honest, I originally became a coach for the 25% discount. But now, it is my life! Besides my husband, kids, and faith of course!

Last year, I was a coach for another company, and watched my mom lose over 100 pounds. It was one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences I've ever had. I was so proud of her. But her and I both weren't completely on board or agreed with everything the other company and program taught.
Before-shes in the middle
After-Isn't she so cute!?

Once I started losing weight with the 21 Day Fix, I realized I could have so many more experiences like that. I truly want to help others gain the self confidence that I watched my mom regain as she lost her weight. As a coach, you get to be a part of that, and have pride in the people you coach, unlike a family member or friend who are watching that person lose weight.

I become emotionally involved, and want to have my challengers succeed. I want to motivate them, but they also motivate me! Every time I am struggling to get my work out done, I think about how I don't want to let them down. Several times, they'll message me that they've just finished a work out, and I think to my self, "Well I better get off my butt and get going!"

There's an accountability with being a coach. You can't be slacking off and be motivating to others. But you don't have to be perfect either. I am real with my challengers. If I missed a work out, when I have cravings or give into a craving, whatever my struggles are I share them because they could be having the same struggles.

This has been the best job, outside of being a mother, that I've ever had. I love that I am getting paid to be peoples friends, essentially! I also love that I get what I put into it. If I have a lazy week, then I'm not going to get paid as much. But when I work my butt off, I am rewarded. This isn't a get rich quick scheme!

Beachbody has so many programs, and they have even released one since I've become a coach. There is a program out there for every single person, no matter what they want to accomplish.

As a coach, you are part of a team. You can't fail unless you don't try. You have your coach to help you. Her coach, and their coach, and on and on. I was amazed at the amount of resources available to help be a successful coach. Your team become family, and you want to help each other. I will help my coaches, and their coaches. It is such a positive and uplifting feeling being a part of this community.

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