Wednesday, July 15, 2015

21 Day Fix

What is the 21 Day Fix? Only the best program I've ever been on. I have tried numerous food programs, and workout programs and none of them stuck. This is both, and I may be biased, but I love it! Beachbody is a great company, they also have P90X, Turbo Fire, Insanity, to name a few. I personally feel like 21 Day Fix is more realistic for an everyday program I know I'll stick with. Once I'm where I want to be, I might try a more intense workout (I've already purchased Body Beast, it's sitting on my shelf!), and there are several workouts I can try when I want to mix it up, too. I have Hip Hop Abs, and I don't love it yet, but I'm sure I will get more into it eventually.

For the 21 Day Fix, you work out for 30 minutes everyday, there's a schedule to follow and you can stream it from your computer, cell phone, or use the DVD's. Anyone can make it through a 30 minute work out! Autumn Calabrese is the trainer, and she is BOSS! I sometimes yell at her while I'm working out, but I really do love her. Point is, the workouts are doable, but still challenging.

You're given portion control containers, and those babies make all the difference! When they showed up at my house, I was like, what is this!? I could eat 12 of each of these! But they fit more food than you would think. Several times I have tried eye balling it, and end up not having enough food, so measuring is so important. You get a guideline for food for each container, and it's got a lot of great foods. You're not going to be starving on this program. My second favorite part? The treat swaps. Yes, you get treats on this program. I love treats.

My favorite part? Shakeology! I love Shakeology for so many reasons. It's aided in my weight loss. There are nutrients that help with mental clarity, which I've needed as a mother of two. It helps curb cravings and helps me feel full longer. My hair and nails are growing so fast, and my skin is clear and has a healthy glow.

There are so many people doing the Fix, I'm still surprised when I find someone else I know who's already doing the it. Subsequently, there are so many resources to help you succeed. Pinterest has recipes galore!

Another way to help you succeed is you're given coach! That's me! Coaches motivate, support, uplift, encourage, and do whatever they can to help their challengers. If you have questions, you don't have to call the company, you message, text, or call your coach. And you're added to a support group, which become like family. There is no such thing as too much support!

Here's a video about the Fix program:
If the 21 Day Fix sounds like something you could benefit from, message me

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