Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday Struggles

I posted on Facebook about my issues with body image and anorexia, and I don't want to be repetitive, but I do want to write a little about struggles I have. It helps me to write things out, so this might not be the most exciting post.

I really struggle with body image, and even though I'm 80 pounds lighter today than I was had my daughter, I still feel that size at times. I have to make a conscious decision to love myself, everyday. I know I look much better now, and I feel much better. I have Celiac disease, so I FEEL 10,000 times better. But every once in awhile, I'll look in the mirror and think I still have SO much work to do.

I will always have work to do, I love this program and all the other Beachbody programs I've tried, so I'll always be doing something. But I've decided to throw out the "number" I want to be. I don't care about being a size anymore. It's nice to try on clothes and be surprised when a size fits, or is too big. That will always be exciting. But I'm not aiming to get to a tiny size anymore.

What are goals I have now? To work out 6 days a week. To keep eating healthy foods, and fueling my body with the best foods. To keep improving, because there's always room for improvement. To increase my weights or push myself harder. I don't need to be extreme, I just want to enjoy myself and push my body because it can do more.

Do you have body image issues? Have you ever struggled with an eating disorder? Either not eating, binge eating, emotional eating, etc? How have you gotten over them? Or are they still an issue? I'd love to hear from you! Message me, it can be between us, but I would like to know, for self improvement as well as helping others.

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