Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Work it Wednesday

I have always loved working out, sometimes just the idea of it, sometimes the actual act. In middle school I did track and learned to love running. After high school, I stopped running and have struggled ever since to get back into it. I have felt weak and frustrated with my lack of endurance when trying to run after losing that drive when I was in college.

In high school, I cheered, and that helped stay somewhat in shape, although after I broke out of an eating disorder (for the most part) in my sophomore year, I put on the pounds that are just starting to come off! I never realized how much weight I gained until I looked back at pictures recently.

College was just like most peoples' experiences, I gained weight from eating a ton of quick and easy processed foods. I tried to eat healthy when I could, and even got a Gold's Gym membership. I HATE working out in front of people though. It was so overwhelming and scary to walk into a huge gym and have all these people around. I got a little to anxious and stopped going after a few times. What a major waste of money.

I first got introduced to Beachbody after that gym experience. I saw a commercial about Slim in 6, and I gave it a try. I liked it, and stuck with it for about 3 weeks, which was amazing for me! I never stuck to anything. And then I quit. I tried it again a few more times, and it's been in my movie box ever since. I loved that I could get results in my own home, without major machines or needing a ton of dumbbells. The program was a great price for the money. The only problem? I didn't have a coach who cared. I think he emailed me once.

I married my husband when I was 21. He was 22, so we were both young, working full time, and living in a dinky apartment. I was used to cooking big meals for my big family of 9 if I did cook, so I would make way too much food for the two of us. He ate so quickly, that I felt like I had to shove food down fast. Because we were both working, we also went out to eat, more times than we should a week. Thus began our joint weight gains.

I noticed my weight gain first. My clothes started getting snug, but I was a dental assistant and wore scrubs all day, so no big deal. We were struggling to get pregnant, and I found out I have Celiac Disease. I changed my diet for a few weeks, and BAM! Got pregnant. My husband got a job offer in another city, so I quit my job and we moved. I watched some children during the day, but not everyday, so for the most part, I just rested and swam and ate during my pregnancy. I quickly gained 70 pounds. I was so uncomfortable. I didn't feel like myself. I hated the way I looked. I couldn't wait to have my daughter and get all that extra weight off.

In September 2012, I had a c-section. I was determined not to let it hold me back. I started walking the same week I had my daughter, and all was good. Until I got postpartum depression. I felt immobilized with negativity about myself, my skills as a mother, my weight, everything you could think of. This went on for an entire year.

I remember the day my daughter turned 1, I had lost some weight but not enough, and I remember thinking, I wanted to be back to pre-pregnancy weight or lower by now. Everyone was having fun, and I just felt sick to my stomach. I was ready to break out of my funk.

I found a program the next day, and it took some time to decide if I wanted to try it or not, but eventually in January I did. The program consisted of prepackaged foods and eating every 2-3 hours. I learned a lot from this program, specifically from the doctor who designed it. But it wasn't right for me. You were discouraged to workout, or do minimal working out. I didn't like the idea of eating packaged foods when I'd read so much about clean eating.

I kept on the program until I got pregnant with my son. I had gotten down to about where I was when I got pregnant with my daughter, so I was happy, but not happy about getting pregnant already. It was tough for me to adjust. I started walking 4 miles a day with my mom, and I felt so strong, and so great. I did that until I was about 30 weeks along, and then brought it down to 2 miles a day. Then in the end, I started walking like crazy to get that baby out! He finally came a week late.

I only gained 30 pounds with him. It was more than I wanted, but I was being healthy and that's what mattered to me. I started walking again, and even added in some running here and there. I could only run a mile, and I felt like I was dying. I missed running for miles at a time, so I quickly got discouraged.

Then I got introduced to 21 Day Fix. I LOVE these workouts. I love working out in my living room, or in my bedroom. I love that my daughter can do it right next to me. I love that it's only 30 minutes. I love Autumn and how encouraging she can be. I absolutely love how quickly I saw results, and how easy it was to stick to the workouts. I've done the workouts since the end of April, and with a few exceptions, I haven't stopped! I'm now at a weight I haven't been at since high school. I have muscles and definition I've NEVER had. Like ever. I feel strong. I feel healthy. And I'm addicted! It's so awesome, I just want to share it with everyone (I guess that's how this post that was supposed to be small and about workouts blew up and became my whole life story...sorry!) Literally anyone can do these workouts! I have seen 90 year olds do them! I even know a lady in a wheel chair doing what she can! Anyway...

What you've all been waiting for, some videos of my workouts! (Don't judge me! I didn't work out the whole week before from being sick and it was my first day back into it!)

What has helped me stick to it this time? Having a great coach! This is something I'm striving to be as well. I can't force people to do their workouts, but I can encourage them, and listen to their struggles and help with solutions. So far, everyone has loved the workouts just as much as I have!

Interested in trying 21 Day Fix? Message me.

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