Wednesday, September 23, 2015

10 small changes to help you SHRED that extra weight

I've been doing a lot of research lately into weight loss, and things that I can add into my routine that could help me keep the weight off once I get to my goal weight. I'm finding a LOT more about how to lose weight, so I figured I'd compile a list for you all on the little things we can do to better our health and help us lose weight progressively.

They're not revolutionary ideas, you've probably heard of them before. Combined all together, this list could work wonders.
1. Drink a glass of water before each meal. This helps get your water in, you need at least half of your weight in ounces. It also helps to feel full faster while eating. I was taught growing up to eat slowly and wait 10 minutes before getting seconds, but we never did wait, and we never felt full, so it seemed. Now, I feel full before I finish what's on my plate. I've also read that it's not good to drink during your meal, so this supports that theory.

2. Trade white rice for brown rice, white bread for whole grain, not whole wheat-there is a difference, and pasta for whole grain pasta. Whole grain is a pure form, and the more a grain has been broken down and added to, the harder it is for our bodies to digest. Eating less processed foods is better for you. The more processed your food is, the more sugar and other unhealthy additives are in it. 

3. When picking fruits and vegetables, pay attention to color. I like to get a rainbow of color on my plate everyday. It's more fun, and I get more vitamins and minerals than if I just ate green vegetables or red fruits everyday. Try new fruits and vegetables you've never had before! With that said, don't force yourself to eat something you don't like.

4. I used to eat 3 times a day, like most people. I ate a small breakfast, medium lunch, and large dinner. I'd snack quite a bit after dinner and in the afternoon. This aided to my weight gain throughout my life. Our metabolisms can be so much faster if we are consistently fueling our bodies. I eat every 2-3 hours. 

5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don't necessarily believe this, I think all meals are equally important. But I do believe that if you eat a healthy breakfast, it sets a precedent for the rest of your day. I also know that you've gone all night without eating, and your body needs the right kind of fuel to make energy to get to your next meal.  Waiting too long after waking could slow your metabolism .

6. Don't go longer than 4 hours without eating during the day. To keep our metabolism functioning where it should be, we need to fuel our bodies frequently. Think of a car, do you let it run out of gas? Not only is it a pain to have to walk to the gas station and fill up a gas can, and walk back, but it's bad for your car. Our bodies are the same way. Don't let your body run out of fuel.  I added during the day because we don't need to wake up in the middle of the night to eat. Our bodies need rest, which brings us to the next item on our list. 

7. Get 6-7 solid hours of rest. As a mom of young children, I don't always get a solid nights rest. I rarely get a solid nights rest. So I know that other moms of young children don't either. Do what you can to get enough sleep though, whether it's taking naps when your children do, or going to bed earlier. If you don't have young children, and you're getting enough rest at night, avoid naps. We can get too much rest, and I don't know about you, but I hate that sluggish feeling when I've napped for too long. With that said, listen to your body and what it needs.

8. Take opportunities to move throughout the day. Park further away from the store, or walk to the store if possible. I like to sprint up the stairs, it's just something to get me moving, and I get a burst of energy and a few more endorphins. I like to chase my kids around the kitchen table, and we go on walks. If you sit a lot at work, take breaks and walk around, or get up and stand and stretch when you can. There is always more movement we can add into our day. 

9. Find a workout regimen that works for you. I LOVE 21 Day Fix, but I think any of the Beachbody programs are great. If you're a gym rat, go to the gym. Whatever it is that works for you, stick to it and be CONSISTENT. Consistency is the key. I've tried a lot of workouts in my life, as short as it may be so far, and I've quit a lot of things. How do you know a workout is working for you if you don't give it at least 3 months?

10. Eat less sugar. I have a lot to say about sugar. But I'll keep it to two things. First off, did you know sugar is as addicting as cocaine? Second, if you haven't seen the documentary "Fed Up" you need to. Drink less alcohol. I'd go as far to say don't drink alcohol. For religious reasons, I don't drink it, but even if I didn't have the believes that I do, I wouldn't want to waste calories by drinking them. This also goes for soda, juice, and other drinks. 

What did you think of this list? Is there anything you would add?

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