Thursday, October 29, 2015

You CAN!

It bothers me when people assume that I don't have struggles with working out. Like it's not hard to just get it done. Every day, I have to make the decision to work out, just like everyone else.  Is it hard decision? YES! Sometimes it's easy. I really enjoy my workouts. But the majority of the time, it doesn't matter how amazing the workouts are or how amazing your body is starting to look thanks to said workouts, it's still working out. My bed feels great, I didn't get enough sleep, I am so comfortable vegging on the couch, I just want to cuddle with my kids, I want to go shopping, I want to clean my house...I have a ton of excuses just like.everyone.else.

The difference is, I realize these are excuses, and then I find reasons WHY I need to work out.
I love this quote. I am framing it in my office. It can go for so many things we make excuses for.
I have a piece of scrap paper with a list on it in my night stand. I made it one morning when I was struggling to get out of bed and go workout. I had 3 hours of sleep that night. I was bloated. I had already lost so much weight, and felt good about myself. I think I had every excuse in the book floating around in my head. I turned on my phone, and saw this quote, and found the first piece of paper I could see, an envelope from my internet company, and made a list. 

My hand writing is sloppy. There's 2 water rings on it from setting my water bottle on it at night. It means something to me though, and I look at it often. 

What are reasons why I CAN? I can because I am physically able. God gave me two legs. He gave me two arms. He gave me a healthy body. I can because it shows gratitude for the healthy body I've been given. I can because I want to. Not always initially, but it feels so good when I'm done. I can because I've been given the great opportunity to inspire others and show them it's possible. I can because my husband let me invest in these workouts, even though at the time we were very short on money. I can because it's an investment of time in myself,. I can because my kids are asleep, or I can distract them or they can play, or do the workouts with me. I can because we are blessed with a nice warm home, electricity to turn my TV or lap top on, and press play. I can because I know this program works. I can because it makes me a better person, I am happier and more patient. I can because I can do hard things, and it makes me stronger. 

What about YOU? I'd love to hear your list. 

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