Saturday, October 17, 2015

Vegan and Vegetarian meal plans and options

Throughout the several months of coaching, I have chatted with a few people who are vegan. One is a coach and has been eating a vegan diet for 5 years, and has been doing the 21 day fix eating plan for a little over a year. She told me that she didn't have to change much when she started 21 day fix, just had more direction of what to eat. Everyone else I've talked to were people who were interested in the 21 Day Fix.

Here is a meal plan I put together (just an example) of how you could eat while on the 21 Day Fix:
Now I'm not vegan, and have never been vegan, so if you see anything that needs changed or removed, I'd love the input. I did get some help from the coach I had previously talked to, but didn't get her to look this over yet. 

Here is a list of sources of protein you can have while on the 21 Day Fix. Some of the items on the list are actually considered carbs when you aren't vegan, so if you aren't vegan, you can't count beans, quinoa and a few others they have listed here as protein. 

I only listed the carbs and proteins since that's the only thing that would be different, except of course the dairy for vegans. 

Are you vegan? I'd love to hear how you're doing on the program! 

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  1. These dishes look delicious. I have had mushroom piri piri here in Toronto but wasn't that good. I don't have enough time to cook myself, this is why I get my vegan meals delivered from Activeats, they are very good at this.


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